Super Saturday – Intensive Reading and Writing Programme

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Super Saturday – Intensive Reading and Writing Programme

img_8421ESB is pleased to introduce intensive weekend classes aimed to support and improve the academic writing skills of students. Our Intensive Reading and Writing programmes run throughout the year on weekend mornings from 9:00 to 12:15.

This programme focuses on academic English used in schools and universities including academic vocabulary, various forms of essays, academic discussion, research and presentations. Students are assigned to classes based on their assessment results at entry. Our classes are small (max 12) and we have very clear teaching objectives: helping students break the bottleneck of academic writing and vocabulary, so that they can achieve significant improvement within a fairly short period of time.

Our teaching method consists of two equally important components: in class studying and homework. In class, our highly experienced, licensed teachers will be covering basic concepts in written English; this includes style, formalities, composition, theses, punctuation, vocabulary, sentence structures etc. Such work will be extended and reinforced through careful homework assignments.


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