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For children aged 4-5 we offer a playful introduction to English. The children gain a love of the language and feel comfortable being in an English speaking classroom. They learn basic letters and sounds and everyday communication.

In addition, we started recently a brand new programme for our youngest students aged 5-6. This programme is a special addition to our course catalogue as we would like to give the maximum support to our kindergarteners to be able to start primary school as easily and successfully as possible.

Our pre-primary school preparatory programme is designed to facilitate the transition between kindergarten and primary school. Children will work together with a team of qualified English native speakers, a special needs teacher and a movement therapist  to develop English, social, cognitive and motor skills. Besides a playful introduction to English, learning basic vocabulary ( colours, numbers, letters, food, animals, environment) and effective communication techniques, we will focus on developing detection, perception, attention and thinking skills as well. Students will also familiarize themselves with the concept of numbers and basic math calculations, and strengthen their logical and critical thinking. Our teachers will concentrate on the foundations of writing such as: eye-hand coordination, correct posture and pencil gripping, and fine motor skills. In addition to that, children will learn social skills, such as cooperation with peers, working in pairs or groups, and accepting rules and norms.

During the lessons we focus on the individual needs of the children to be able to help them show off their strengths and develop the areas where needed to guarantee a smoother transition from kindergarten to school in an English-Hungarian bilingual classroom.

There are two additional assessments during the course. One at the beginning, when the special needs teachers use a standardized test to assess children’s skills, and another one at the end, when they  measure the improvement that is achieved. The results of both tests are shared and discussed with the parents to help families understand how they can help their children any further.

The programme is bilingual and gives our young students a head start to be successful in an English-Hungarian bilingual primary school.

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It is our mission to teach children to read, write, and speak English while learning about the wonders of our world


We are grateful for the kind words from the parents of the hundreds of children who already attended ESB.

Meet our Educational Director

Daniel Russell is American born, has his Master of Arts in Teaching and has years of experience both at the secondary and primary level in the United States and abroad. Since 2017, Dan has been a part of the ESB team!

I have a passion for teaching young learners and I truly believe that each child is a unique individual and deserves the chance to learn and explore all the different things our world has to offer!

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