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Vivian的第一位老师Lewis, 来自苏格兰的男教师,他温和,耐心,有爱心又有原则!他的课堂教学生动有趣,上他的课,孩子们用全英文对话,讨论,回答,提问。每一堂课观看英文电影,是孩子们最快乐的时光,在观看的过程中不知不觉中就提高了听力和对话能力!


小虹(vivian 妈妈)

Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.



“Our family is in its fifth year at ESB. We continue to be impressed by the curriculum and very high quality of the teaching. I highly recommend ESB to families who want their children to learn English in a structured and enjoyable atmosphere.”

Dennis (father of Melanie, Melissa and Dennis)

Reka was one of the first children to enrol at ESB in her last year at Kindergarten. She can now read at the same level in English as ten year olds in Britain! Last year we bought her a kindle for Christmas, so she could read the latest English children’s books. The wonderful thing about ESB is that all the native speaker teachers there have special talents and skills alongside teaching. This means that they are able to enrich the school year with music, art, sport, environmental studies, dancing or cooking as well as providing excellent English tuition.

Szandra (mother of Réka and Tünde)

We have three children attending ESB. With each year they enjoy the classes more; the child-centred methodology builds their confidence, through the engaging, thematic and group activities, they gain a taste of the British educational system and enjoy its advantages. The small group sizes and the warm relationships between teachers and students create a calm, positive atmosphere for them. We all appreciate the school programmes and events as well as the teachers’ structured approach to learning.

Anna and Zoltán (parents of Marci, Cili and Csabi, doctors at JK-Med Eü. Szolg. Bt)

Samu started attending ESB 6 months ago. He was a complete beginner at the time. Now he speaks in sentences and has a vocabulary of several hundred words. In six months he’s made incredible progress, while also having fun and making new friends.

Orsolya (mother of Samu)

“Our daughter was a little shy when joining ESB, having had very basic English – but she liked the classes from the first moment. After 5 months she is making steady progress and starts to be able to express herself. ESB seems to create good motivation for them and the various activities built around the themes covered keep the children’s interest.”

Anita (mother of Kata)

Viewpoints on our events

We congratulate all of you for your hard work preparing for the 2015 Christmas Market and Christmas Show.It was a fabulous production and a really nice and warm event.

Vincent (father of Anna and Matthieu)

It was a wonderful show, the children seemed to have enjoyed it so much, stage, acting, props – really professional, congratulations to all who made it happen!

Eva (mother of Beni, Maya and Lili)


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