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Class Sizes and Timings

Our Methodology

ourmethodologyAt ESB a focus on our children’s active engagement in their own learning is the driving force for our methodology.

Our teaching methodologies are very different from the Prussian, content-centred “Chalk and Talk” methods used in most Hungarian state schools. We aim at developing the children’s English, along with their communicative and cognitive skills, especially critical and creative thought. Our classrooms are vibrant and teaching is highly engaging.

We extend the children’s learning beyond the classroom through our own learning site, updated weekly with digital learning for students at home, including Pearson’s Active Learn and Rapid Plus, and through our school events.

For a panoramic view of the range of our classes and teaching and learning practices, please see our Facebook page

Overview of Classes

overview_of_classesWe place all our students in the best class possible for their learning needs. This may be a Kindergarten Class, a Foundation class (for young and older beginners), a Literacy class (level 1 to 7), a Native-Speaker class (all ages) or an Exam class.

Classes are from 14.30 to 16.30 and from 16.30 to 18.30 each weekday afternoon. All the children attend classes twice per week for a total of four hours. This is equivalent to one lesson per day at a daytime school which is sufficient to ensure progress. Times may be adjusted slightly to suit the needs of individual groups.

Current Courses and programmes

ESB-kindergarten This is a playful introduction to English. The children gain a love of the language and feel comfortable being in an English speaking classroom. They learn basic letters and sounds and everyday communication.
ESB-zero This pre-primary school preparatory programme is designed for kindergarteners to facilitate the transition between kindergarten and primary school. Children will work together with a team of qualified English native speakers and special needs teachers to develop English, social, cognitive and motor skills. The programme is bilingual and gives our young students a head start to be successful in an English-Hungarian bilingual primary school.
ESB-foundation This is for children with no previous experience of English (level 1) or limited experience of English (level 2). The aim of the programme is to enable the children to communicate on a range of practical subjects (for example their family, environment, habits, likes and dislikes). This is achieved through engaging topic-based activities, which incorporate the hands-on study of English phonics and graphemes, sentence formation (spoken and written) and basic grammar, The course gives a solid foundation for children to join our Literacy Programme.
ESB-acceleratedfoundation This is designed for children whose experience of English so far has been limited or inadequate The aim of the programme is to enable the children to fill in gaps in their knowledge and enable them to communicate on a range of practical subjects (for example their family, environment, habits, likes and dislikes). This is achieved through engaging topic-based activities, which incorporate the study of English phonics and graphemes, sentence formation (spoken and written) and basic grammar, The course gives a solid foundation for students to join our Literacy Programme.
ESB-literacy These classes are for post-foundation students, age 8 to 16. Our focus is on developing children’s English, but our unique methodology gives the children much more than this. The Literacy course is a cross-curricular approach to language development. This means that language acquisition and development are built into Humanities and Science topics taught in UK schools. The learning is hands-on and highly engaging, so students develop their cognitive and creative abilities alongside their English.
ESB-nativespeakerclasses At ESB we define a native speaker student as a child living with one or both English native-speaker parents and/or a child who has attended an English-medium school in Hungary or abroad for a minimum of two years. Our Native Speaker courses aim to enable children to perform academically in English at the same level as their peers in the UK. The children study a range of topics of academic inquiry and extend their cognitive and creative abilities through exposure to a range of genres. These include experiments, group and pair research activities, project work, performance opportunities and presentations.
Our Intensive English Program (IEP) provides students with a fully immersive academic English experience. They obtain a solid foundation in English in one academic year as preparation for further studies in English at elite high schools or universities. Classes are from 8:30 to 14:00, Monday to Friday, with three 90-minute periods daily, centered around key concepts, each led by a different specialist who are all highly experienced, licensed teachers. Presentation skills, summarization, vocabulary, and culture all explored. Students are assessed in reading, writing, listening, and speaking upon arrival, then personalized learning plans are developed for each student individually. We provide formal monthly assessments and progress updates. Please click here for our Terms and Conditions

ESB is pleased to introduce intensive weekend classes aimed to support and improve the academic writing skills of students. Our Intensive Reading and Writing programmes run throughout the year on weekend mornings from 9:00 to 12:15.

This programme focuses on academic English used in schools and universities including academic vocabulary, various forms of essays, academic discussion, research and presentations. Students are assigned to classes based on their assessment results at entry. Our classes are small (max 12) and we have very clear teaching objectives: helping students break the bottleneck of academic writing and vocabulary, so that they can achieve significant improvement within a fairly short period of time.

Our teaching method consists of two equally important components: in class studying and homework. In class, our highly experienced, licensed teachers will be covering basic concepts in written English; this includes style, formalities, composition, theses, punctuation, vocabulary, sentence structures etc. Such work will be extended and reinforced through careful homework assignments.

Please click here for our Terms and Conditions

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Due to popular demand, the ESB is thrilled to announce test preparation services for teens!

  • We have recently partnered with LanguageCert Budapest to offer intensive training for both B2 and C1 level English exams. Officially accredited by the Hungarian government, LanguageCert provides students a fair and balanced way to show off their English prowess. Classes will additionally be held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:00 - 6:00 and prepare students interested in taking a B2 level exam on Sat, December 9th.
  • Our exceptionally popular and lovely Miss Rachel will take the helm and could not be more excited to help students. “I myself remember becoming nervous before tests," explained Rachel. “Thus, if I can help students stay cool and reach their highest potential in, I’ll have really achieved something.”


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