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January 15, 2019
A published author and performance artist, Danny Mesél,  joined us at our Tárogató location for a morning of enchanting rhythms and tales! Danny’s distinctive

We know it is not easy. Read our director's message for you

Through our years of experience, we learned what parents are struggling with… and we are here to help!

Dear Parents! I know how you feel!

As a father of 5 children my main parental role has been the family taxi driver. Barely appreciated by my 5 loyal clients and not even a hint of a tip!

Although they have now grown up, the weekly schedule of trying to plan everybody’s after school schedule was a challenge. Football, fencing, folk dancing and a continuing list of absolutely “Daddy, I have to go to…” activities, all impossibly available for the same afternoon. We taxi drivers are stressed!!

At ESB we recognise these dilemmas and have 20 different classes from Monday to Saturday at two different locations to give parents the greatest number of options.

Our classrooms at Tarogato u ( II) and Apor Vilmos ter ( XII) are planned to be no more than 10 minutes drive from your Buda home or school. Of course we will recommend which classes are best for your children but importantly, there is a choice.

Andy Thompson
Managing Director

ESB is all about options and opening doors...

Squeezing in yet another extra curricular activity for your children is not easy but we are happy to help!

Reachable in 10 minutes

Our locations at 2nd and 12nd district were carefully selected with the purpose of not being more then 10 minutes drive from your local Buda home or school.

Scheduling is a breeze

We offer 20 different classes from Monday to Saturday at 2 locations to give parents the greatest number of options.

ESB is great value

Our true competition are actual British private schools in the UK. Same level of care, same quality but at a fraction of the price (and of course those are not 10 minutes away!)


We are grateful for the kind words from the parents of the hundreds of children who already attended ESB.

We have three children attending ESB. With each year they enjoy the classes more; the child-centred methodology builds their confidence, through the engaging, thematic and group activities, they gain a taste of the British educational system and enjoy its advantages. The small group sizes and the warm relationships between teachers and students create a calm, positive atmosphere for them. We all appreciate the school programmes and events as well as the teachers’ structured approach to learning.


parent of Marci, Cili and Csabi

Samu started attending ESB 6 months ago. He was a complete beginner at the time. Now he speaks in sentences and has a vocabulary of several hundred words. In six months he’s made incredible progress, while also having fun and making new friends.


mother of Samu

Our daughter was a little shy when joining ESB, having had very basic English – but she liked the classes from the first moment. After 5 months she is making steady progress and starts to be able to express herself. ESB seems to create good motivation for them and the various activities built around the themes covered keep the children’s interest.


mother of Kata

Registration for our 2021/22 courses has started, we still have available places in most of our classes.

25% discount off the registration fee in August

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