ESB Story Telling Morning

January 15, 2019

A published author and performance artist, Danny Mesél,  joined us at our Tárogató location for a morning of enchanting rhythms and tales! Danny’s distinctive storytelling style combines traditional and original folktales with catchy melodies played on the African balafon.

This time Danny performed SASSOUMA AND THE WIND, an interactive musical folktale with African melodies and dances. Sassouma, a determined and daring young girl, leaves her aging father and their small mud home behind, setting out into the desert on the back of her three-humped camel to find the source of the wind, which has been blowing sand into their village and destroying all the crops. Singing along to the sound of her camel’s footsteps in the sand as she travels through unbearable heat and overwhelming wind, she will need her wits, a few special tools, and a little bit of magic to finally save her village. At the end of the story, the children could even learn the Dromedary Dance to accompany Sassouma’s songs.

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Angolul fedezzük fel a világot
February 29, 2024
Üdvözöllek kedves olvasó! Ma egy különleges kalandra invitállak: egy virtuális világkörüli utazásra, ahol az angol nyelv segítségével felfedezzük a világ sokszínűségét és gazdagságát. Az

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