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Our unique Programme

These are the main reasons ESB is completely different from any other school in Budapest!

Practical teaching method

ESB's teaching method greatly differs from the one used in public schools based on Prussian, content-driven "whiteboard and chalk" style method. We want to develop not only the English spelling and vocabulary but communication and cognitive skills as well, primarily the critical and creative thinking. Our classrooms are vivid and teaching raises attention.

Unique School

We are a unique school in Budapest: A mini British school, running an innovative programme for students who attend Hungarian or non English speaking schools. Our school allows children to gain all the benefits of their own national education system, but combines this with a British education. Our programme costs less than tenth of a full time British international school, so we are able to be affordable to a much wider part of the community.

Performance Events

Our students also explore children’s literature, especially drama and poetry. This Literature programme leads to performance events: a Winter Show and a whole school Poetry Recital Competition.

Engaging Teaching

Our classrooms are vibrant, teaching is highly engaging: activities range from mummifying a tomato, to making a digital party political manifesto and campaign broadcast, or creating a human museum of Celtic gods. We skype between our two school sites to allow inter-class projects.

English-speaking Community

Our children and their parents see our school as their English-speaking extended family. We are very pro-active users of social websites, posting weekly photographs of learning activities and our events. The community is also built through these events. We hold an annual Halloween Celebration, Winter Show, Poetry Recital Competition and Family Summer Fayre.

Summer Programmes

We offer a rich variety of summer camps, including an annual themed camp, a Young Business Entrepreneurs Camp and a 3D Art Camp, all hosted by English native speaker experts.

Native teachers-British Curriculum

Our English native speaker, trained classroom teachers, use a cross-curricular approach to learning founded on the best practice of the New National Curriculum for England. This means that grammar, spelling, phonics and vocabulary development are embedded into the teaching of non-fiction topics, chosen for their ability to engage students. In Foundation classes children learn to communicate on a range of practical topics. In Literacy classes children explore the sciences and humanities. They therefore develop the ability to use English for both general and academic purposes.

Skills Focus

Alongside developing children’s English, we aim to foster communicative and cognitive skills, especially critical and creative thought, using iPad research, group and class projects, planning and giving presentations using digital technology and collaborative/competitive interactive whiteboard learning.

Home Learning

ESB provides students with the opportunity to reinforce key concepts from class in a creative way through weekly home learning tasks. Examples of assignments may include drawing a picture of vocabulary words, uploading a video of an interview with a family member, creative writing, etc. These tasks are posted each week on ClassDojo by your student's teacher as a portfolio. This can be accessed through your child's ClassDojo account. In addition to weekly home learning assignments, students are encouraged to engage in at home reading. ESB utilizes various platforms such as ReadWorks.org, Openlibrary.org, Oxford Reading Tree, and others in addition to books assigned from our own ESB library.

Join us!

Registration is possible throughout the year, so do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting, when we will introduce you to the school and our learning programme, as well as assess your child’s level of English and recommend the right class. Come and join us and experience a genuine community of English speakers and English learners in action.

The English School of Budapest Vision

Envisioned future

ESB teaches English to children in a uniquely effective and innovative way. We will become recognised as Hungary’s centre of excellence for teaching and learning English for children and educators.

Teaching and Learning

The English School of Budapest is a community for effective teaching and learning. We believe in pupil-centred learning, which is rigorous, creative and structured.

Personal Development

At ESB we value honesty, courtesy, active participation in school life, enthusiasm to learn and cooperation with others.


We aim to maximise student participation at school and at home. We encourage families to see the school as their English-speaking community.

Our Purpose

ESB provides to children in Hungary a British education focusing on English and literacy learning through cross curricular methodology and active student engagement.

ESB Commitment

The teachers at ESB are dedicated to supporting and inspiring the students and each other. Our whole team • Commits to excel • Builds a creative English world to engage children • Educates for both skills development and language knowledge


ESB recognises the importance of communication. We encourage and support effective communication between all members of the school community.

Management and Administration

Nora Vizi

Director of Operations

Andy Thompson

Founder and Managing Director

Meet the team

Daniel Russell

Director of Education

Sophie Harris

English Teacher

Dave Long

English Teacher

Marcel Fanara

English teacher


We are hiring!


We are grateful for the kind words from the parents of the hundreds of children who already attended ESB.


Nora Vizi

Director of Operations

Nora is responsible for managing ESB’s operation.


Nora holds an MBA diploma from Corvinus University of Budapest, a degree in Law from ELTE University and a BA in Finance, Accounting and Economics. She has experience in the field of Administration and Finance, having worked for multinational companies in management positions. Additionally, she has been working in education management since 2010.

She and her family relocated back to Hungary in 2018 after spending 16 years mostly in Indonesia, the Middle East and Spain.

Nora has two kids and she lives in Obuda with her family. She likes to spend her free time at lake Balaton and she loves to travel.

Andy Thompson

Founder and Managing Director

A Big Welcome to our school! I started ESB in 2010 when it was clear that a number of parents were frustrated, like my Hungarian wife and I, that they could not provide a good and affordable English education whilst allowing their children to participate in a normal Hungarian school.

A British friend of mine (you know who you are) had just moved here from Paris where her children attended a school that taught English according to the English curriculum on Wednesdays, the day that French schools don’t teach. She and some other educators suggested we start a similar format in Budapest. And so the story started….

I have 5 children and in Budapest they have been to international, bilingual and state schools. Each was a compromise to some degree. At ESB we hope to make that compromise easier.

Should you wish to contact me, I would be delighted to hear from you. I look forward to meeting you.

Daniel Russell

English teacher

Daniel is from San Diego, California. As a third generation teacher, he knows the rewards of a career in education inside and out.

After studying history and German at San Diego State University, Dan embarked on his first overseas teaching experience in Austria by participating in the Fulbright Teaching Assistantship Program in 2013. Here he discovered his passion for teaching and learning new languages.

Following his two year teaching experience in Austria, Dan looked to expand his pedagogical background by completing a master’s in teaching degree in Spain.

Looking to continue to refine his teaching skills and experience a new language and culture, Dan first came to the English School of Budapest in 2017. It was a rewarding experience to be a part of the team at ESB and make a positive contribution to improving Hungarian children’s language skills in an engaging, student-centered approach to teaching during his two years with ESB.

After a short, year long sabbatical back in Spain while also completing his social science teaching credential, Dan knew it was time to return to the great community at ESB. He is excited to reunite with past students, families and colleagues as well as meeting many new ones.

Sophie Harris

English teacher

Sophie Harris is originally from Wasilla, Alaska. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History from Southern Oregon University. 

After pursuing various career paths, including professional baker, her true calling led her to ESL teaching. In 2019, Sophie completed her CELTA in Melbourne, Australia and subsequently settled in Budapest. 

Sophie now divides her time between Aquincum Primary School and English School of Budapest, where she brings an engaging and flexible teaching approach. Sophie holds the belief that by learning a foreign language, people become better advocates for themselves and their communities, and gain many new opportunities. She views teaching as a tremendous and rewarding privilege, and enjoys her classes.

Dave Long

English teacher

Having spent his formative years in Japan until the age of 13, Dave brings a deep understanding of the challenges and rewards of learning a new language. After moving to Indianapolis, Indiana, Dave pursued his love for language and education by earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and Writing from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Throughout the last 7 years of his teaching career, Dave has had the privilege of teaching a diverse range of subjects, including English, Art, Music, and Physical Education around the world. He has taught in Korea, China and the United States.  Dave understands that each student has unique learning needs and tailors his lessons accordingly, designing interactive activities, projects, and using storytelling and visual aids. Beyond the classroom, Dave finds inspiration in nature and music.  He loves to hike and camp, sing and play music…..and he also loves his wife who come with him to Budapest!

Marcel Fanara

English teacher

Miss Marcel is from Brookeville, Maryland. Growing up, she watched closely as her mother taught English to international students and learned in turn about many new places and cultures.

She studied History, Literature, and Writing at both Franklin University in Switzerland and Swansea University in Wales. Wishing to share her passion for the English language with others, she obtained a CELTA in Edinburgh and has since taught English as a second language to international students and immigrants in the USA, as well as to Chinese high school students and Hungarian primary school students. Throughout all the twists and turns, love of travel and engaging with people of all descriptions is what really drives her adventures.

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