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At ESB we define a native speaker student as a child living with one or both English native-speaker parents and/or a child who has attended an English-medium school in Hungary or abroad for a minimum of two years.

Our Native Speaker courses aim to enable children to perform academically in English at the same level as their peers in the UK. The children study a range of topics of academic inquiry and extend their cognitive and creative abilities through exposure to a range of genres. These include experiments, group and pair research activities, project work, performance opportunities and presentations.

It is our mission to teach children to read, write, and speak English while learning about the wonders of our world


We are grateful for the kind words from the parents of the hundreds of children who already attended ESB.

Meet our Educational Director

Daniel Russell is American born, has his Master of Arts in Teaching and has years of experience both at the secondary and primary level in the United States and abroad. Since 2017, Dan has been a part of the ESB team!

I have a passion for teaching young learners and I truly believe that each child is a unique individual and deserves the chance to learn and explore all the different things our world has to offer!

2024 summer camps are available

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