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English School of Budapest now offers English classes online with a similar structure, curriculum and attainment standards to that taught in our onsite classes. We have trained ative speaking English teachers who are dedicated and deliver engaging lessons online for children of different ages and abilities. These online classes are similar to our onsite classes so that students attend two classes per week throughout the school year. Classes are taught live and are recorded so that students will not miss any lessons and will always have the opportunity to review what was taught. We offer this programme for children between the ages of 8 and 18. Classes are small in size – no more than 10 students per class. The world has changed post covid and our program further develops children’s skills to communicate, lead and learn online for their future lives, in groups, or bilaterally to blend with their in person interactions.

Who are Online classes for?

  • Students with very busy after school commitments who find it more convenient to study from home but still be involved in class and group work
  • Families that live too far away from one of ESB’s school sites and cannot attend weekday classes
  • Families that have moved abroad but still wish their children to continue to develop their English skills.
  • Highly academic and gifted children. The online platform provides more opportunities for teachers to include more challenging learning objectives and tasks to meet the needs of advanced students.
  • For those children who prefer to be located by themselves and study in their own home environment. Not everybody thrives in a mainstream class environment and find online learning better for their mental health.

How will online students build relationships and feel part of the ESB community?

ESB provides optional onsite days in the year at an additional cost, either at weekends or in the holidays, where we give these students a rich and engaging experience that allows them to meet their classmates and teachers. In addition, all our students are invited to participate in our ESB event programmes throughout the year, including the weekend Family Fun Day in May. Please see our events programme.

It is our mission to teach children to read, write, and speak English while learning about the wonders of our world


We are grateful for the kind words from the parents of the hundreds of children who already attended ESB.

Meet our Educational Director

Daniel Russell is American born, has his Master of Arts in Teaching and has years of experience both at the secondary and primary level in the United States and abroad. Since 2017, Dan has been a part of the ESB team!

I have a passion for teaching young learners and I truly believe that each child is a unique individual and deserves the chance to learn and explore all the different things our world has to offer!

Registration for our 2023-24 courses has started

Please contact us about registering for classes in September

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