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Due to popular demand, the ESB is thrilled to announce test preparation services for teens and university students!

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardised English language test designed for foreign speakers who wish to study, work and live in an English-speaking environment. The IELTS certificate will open doors to international academic and professional opportunities where English is used.
Since it was established, IELTS has become the one of the most popular English-language exams in the world. There are currently around 1,000 test locations in more than 140 countries, carrying out millions of tests each year. Over 9,000 organisations worldwide accept the certificate as a proof of English proficiency.
There are three types of IELTS exam: Academic, General Training, and Life Skills. At ESB we prepare students for the Academic version of the test, which is required by most colleges and universities in the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

For students, who would like to continue their studies at international universities, we have designed a course that will enable them not only to be successful at their IELTS exam but also to be successful at university entrance exams and during their university studies.

This course is designed for students who wish  to study either abroad or on a degree course taught in English. For them it is indispensable to achieve a minimum level of 6.5 or 7 in the academic IELTS exams.  However, this course is not only an IELTS preparation course. Most of our students will also need well-developed and confident speaking skills during their entrance exams to university and once having been accepted at university, they will also need to have mastered other study skills such as making notes while reading, or listening, effective presentations skills and taking part in seminar discussions to be successful at both oral and written exams.

With this in mind, we have carefully created this course which will provide a skill set that would meet all of these requirements. The course will primarily prepare students to pass the academic IELTS exams, and at the same time, it will equip them with some basic skills which are prerequisites for achieving above average grades at university.

The course consists of 3 trimesters with 12 weeks in each trimester. During the 3*12 weeks students will concentrate on different components of the IELTS exam, such as different essay types and essay structures, text cohesion and coherence, reading techniques (skimming and scanning). They will also learn several techniques of confident oral presentations (the importance of visuals, and body language and eye contact)  and focus on skills that are required for being among the most successful students at university, such as how to prepare for a debate, research techniques, selecting relevant information and structuring the content.

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Meet our Educational Director

Daniel Russell is American born, has his Master of Arts in Teaching and has years of experience both at the secondary and primary level in the United States and abroad. Since 2017, Dan has been a part of the ESB team!

I have a passion for teaching young learners and I truly believe that each child is a unique individual and deserves the chance to learn and explore all the different things our world has to offer!

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