Foundation courses (levels 1 and 2) for young beginners, aged 6-12





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This is for children with no previous experience of English (level 1) or limited experience of English (level 2).

The aim of the programme is to enable the children to communicate on a range of practical subjects (for example their family, environment, habits, likes and dislikes). This is achieved through engaging topic-based activities, which incorporate the hands-on study of English phonics and graphemes, sentence formation (spoken and written) and basic grammar, The course gives a solid foundation for children to join our Literacy Programme.

Accelerated Foundation course for older beginners 9-12

This is designed for children whose experience of English so far has been limited or inadequate

The aim of the programme is to enable the children to fill in gaps in their knowledge and enable them to communicate on a range of practical subjects. Typically this course is suitable for those children who have already complete a few years of English learning at a Hungarian school. For example, they might be good at reading text but not very good at understanding what they have read. Often they have missed learning the phonics base and they .will have difficulty in listening and speaking. Some parts of the puzzle are there, some are missing. It normally takes them no more than one year to move onto a Literacy programme.


It is our mission to teach children to read, write, and speak English while learning about the wonders of our world


We are grateful for the kind words from the parents of the hundreds of children who already attended ESB.

Meet our Educational Director

Daniel Russell is American born, has his Master of Arts in Teaching and has years of experience both at the secondary and primary level in the United States and abroad. Since 2017, Dan has been a part of the ESB team!

I have a passion for teaching young learners and I truly believe that each child is a unique individual and deserves the chance to learn and explore all the different things our world has to offer!

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